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Public Guardian

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The office of Kings County Public Guardian is authorized by California Statute. The primary mission of the Public Guardian is to protect individuals and estates from abuse within the authorization of California law.

About the Public Guardian

The Public Guardian provides a vital service to persons unable to properly care for themselves or who are unable to manage their finances.  The service is provided through a legal process known as conservatorship.

Initially, the primary responsibility was for the finances of persons civilly committed to psychiatric facilities.   As society evolved and laws changed to meet new social challenges, the role of the Public Guardian broadened to include more responsibility for the care of the individual.  The landmark LPS Act of 1969 and subsequent changes to the Probate Code meant that the Public Guardian became the substitute decision maker for vulnerable populations of the county with grave mental disabilities.

What Does a Public Guardian Do?

The Public Guardian (PG) conducts the official County investigation into conservatorship matters.  The PG also acts as the legally appointed conservator for persons found by the Superior Courts to be gravely disabled (unable to properly care for themselves or their finances or who are unable to resist undue influence or fraud).  Such persons usually suffer from severe mental illness or are older, frail and vulnerable adults.

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